Effective Experiments Launching A New, Revolutionary A/B Testing Tool (?)

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Since the earliest days of Effective Experiments, way back in early 2014, we have constantly been asked this question by customers and companies interested in our platform. “Will you ever create an A/B testing tool within Effective Experiments” Today, I want to give you some news about this and I can firmly and definitely say NO! Effective Experiments is not developing or launching an A/B testing tool There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, our aim was never to create a testing tool but to help companies and agencies grow and scale their optimization programmes. We wanted our focus solely

Announcing our latest integration – SiteSpect

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We are extremely excited to announce our latest integration with Sitespect, a leading optimization platform that allows customers to conduct rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. At Effective Experiments, our mission is to help optimization teams, whether they be inhouse or agency side, build efficient optimization programmes. Part of this is providing the single platform to document every aspect of the CRO process – from ideation, experimentation, reporting and collaboration. The other aspect is integrating with testing platforms to automate and sync the optimization activities between the two systems.

Product Review : Wasabi – An Open Source A/B Testing Framework

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This is a guest blog post contribution from Online Dialogue ( Individual contributors listed at the end of the article) Despite the fact that A/B testing has become a standard method in market research, there are only a few open source platforms that offer these functionalities. However, in 2016, software company Intuit announced they were open sourcing their real-time, enterprise-grade A/B Testing platform named Wasabi. Intuit Inc. develops and sells finance, accounting and tax software for small business accountants and individuals. Wasabi is since the introduction of Facebook’s PlanOut in 2015 the first open source platform for A/B testing. That