Take Trello swim lanes to the next level with more comprehensive workflows

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Trello’s primary project management feature, their boards, enables you to sort tasks according to categories. Often these categories are progress-based, defined by the stage of a project towards completion. Yet, they allow for the flexibility of an organization to define as it sees fit.   They’re a great structure for start-ups and help a small team stay focused on their productivity. However, as any company grows, it must seek solutions for scaling and automating processes and tools that can help it accomplish that.   In the conversion rate optimization space, there are initial ideation and hypothesis development processes and concluding

How effective is your Conversion Optimization team?

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Conversion Optimization is a relatively new field and as such companies adopting it might not be doing it right. We have noticed shortcuts being taken and corners being cut in what should otherwise be a rigorous scientific method. Want to know how effective your team is compared to the best optimization teams out there? Struggling to get to the next level and need some guidance? Take our free survey We will send you an actionable report on how to improve the efficiency and productivity of your Conversion Optimization team