Dutch CRO agency Online Dialogue makes the switch from Trello to Effective Experiments

Posted by Manuel da Costa / categories: customer spotlight, Effective Experiments

We are extremely excited to announce that a leading CRO agency from the Netherlands, Online Dialogue, has switched to Effective Experiments to manage their CRO workflow with their team and clients.

After using Trello over the last two years and encountering challenges with using it, the agency decided to find a platform that could best support their proprietary FACT and ACT process that they built to run the optimization programmes with their clients.

Online Dialogue founders Ton Wesseling and Bart Schutz thoroughly investigated multiple solutions that were available in the market before collectively deciding that Effective Experiments was the right platform to use.

The key factors that played into this decision, according to Ton were –

  1. The ability of Effective Experiments to be completely flexible to their proprietary workflow
  2. Ability to document all aspects of the research. After all, Conversion Optimization is not limited to A/B testing
  3. Focussed on insights and learnings and was able to give a complete view of the progress at any point in time.

We’re excited to start helping Online Dialogue focus more on running tests and getting insights through Effective Experiments and not worry about jumping between multiple trello boards.

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