It’s Official. Effective Experiments is now an Optimizely Technology Partner

Posted by Manuel da Costa / categories: Conversion Optimization, Effective Experiments, Productivity, Teams

We have been working away at getting Optimizely integrated into Effective Experiments over the last few months.

Today, Optimizely has recognised that and made us an official Integration Partner and we are really excited about this.

Effective Experiments is a platform built specifically around the Conversion Optimization workflow that allows CRO teams to document ideas, test plans and results. It enables them to get more productive and save time with auto-generated reports and a Query Engine that users can pull out tests and ideas based on the criteria they are looking for. It is a more streamlined solution when compared to the current patchwork of tools most CROs use such as Excel, Google docs and Trello. With a greater need of communications and transparency between agencies and their clients or stakeholders and their teams, Effective Experiments is designed to keep everyone up to date about the progress of their Optimization efforts.

With the Optimizely integration, we have increased the automation power of Effective Experiments.

You can now pull results directly into Effective Experiments from Optimizely thereby saving you time from having to manually input it in.

Another aspect is importing existing experiments and creating a test library in Effective Experiments that can be later utilised for searching through or analysing all the tests you have run in your agency or company.

Finally, one of the most powerful features of this integration is you will be able to create an experiment within Effective Experiments and push it Optimizely. Setting it live, pausing it or stopping it can be done completely via the Effective Experiments dashboard.

We are pleased to that Optimizely have made available an open API which we will be utilising to the fullest extent.