Prioritising your A/B tests – How & Why

Posted by Manuel da Costa / categories: A/B tests, Conversion Optimization

Michael Aagaard, a well known Conversion Expert who now works at Unbounce is a reformed split test junkie (his own words). In the past he’d claim that one should test everything. Running A/B tests can be fairly empowering. After all, you are in control of opening the revenue floodgates for your business or your client. ¬† There are still optimisation consultants and teams that are of the opinion that you should test everything – all web pages and all ideas. After all, the faster you can test, the faster you can get ahead of your competitor.

Michael has since moved on from being a split test junkie and is now a Conversion “plumber”.

A/B testing is expensive.

Testing takes time

Testing without a strategy or roadmap

Running low value tests

How to prioritise

Prioritisation frameworks